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The company stems from long established I S Systems (www.issystems.com.au) an award winning leader in the development and application of inverter technology and industrial control to focus on the renewable energy generation industry.
Renergyx has developed and patented the "Hybrid Energy System" which offers cost effective modular integration of all forms of "green" generation technologies and associated infrastructure.


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Hybrid Energy systems

The Hybrid Energy System provides a superior method of "Green Power" conditioning and delivery, which greatly enhances the potential and economics for the interconnection of "Green Power" and as a means of displacing regular generation", in both a grid connected or islanded situation.
The System facilitates seamless connection of multiple energy sources and users, providing economic and dependable delivery of electrical power to islanded installations or the grid. It overcomes the stringent standards and technical grid connection requirements imposed on smaller generators (between 200kW and 50MW) and green energy producers.
Combination and /or multiples of energy sources, including wind turbines PV (solar), Hydro, Wave, Tidal, Generators (Diesel and gas), batteries and the grid can be effectively interconnected without the complex speed regulation, synchronising, switching or control and protection normally associated with traditional connection methods. The system is configurable to offer voltage, power and Var support to a system or grid and offers reduced transition times for standby, peaking and emergency generation.
Key to the system is the innovative high voltage inverter technology developed by Renergyx which offers an extremely wide dynamic operating range and eliminates the need for harmonic or temporal considerations.
Renergyx holds patents for the Electrical Energy and Distribution System.



Hybrid energy systems provide for seamless connection and operation of multiple energy sources and users, providing efficient, economic and dependable delivery of renewable or other electrical power over a very large dynamic and temporal range to islanded installations or the national power grid.

  • Remote communities: providing security of supply and limiting fuel costs by seamlessly integrating conventional generation with renewable energy supply.

  • Rural enterprises: providing security of supply and limiting costs by renewable generation or byproduct fuel or waste heat supply.

  • Industrial enterprises: generation from byproduct or waste heat and Tri-generation.

  • Commercial enterprises: including Tri-generation (production of heating, cooling and electricity as a byproduct) and waste heat recovery systems.

  • Mining: including the development of waste coal gas methane power generation.

  • Electricity Infrastructure: Voltage, peak demand and Var support e.g. Voltage regulation on long transmission lines.

  • Grid interface: for renewable and other "non-Scheduled" Generation.

  • Residential: integration of small scale domestic power generation (PV and other) reducing "total cost per kW" by centralised community based point of connection.

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